Drugs…Do u miss me?


Drugs…Do u miss me?

First off, let me explain I’m not any better than the next person. I have a few years under my belt being drug free. And everyday is a struggle.

But in my younger days I did have some battles with the demons and the demons won….a lot of the time.

Today I was talking with my friend and we got on the subject of drugs. He’s never tried drugs. During the conversation he did admit he was curious and wanted to try some of the least addictive drugs.

I explained to him I used drugs as a means of coping , yes a coping device. Coping with my issues while under the influence was easier than dealing with them sober.

At the end of our talk I come to the conclusion that talking about it helped me out more than it probably did him…lol..my little therapy session.

P.s. how was your day?




Chromecast. …

I finally broke down and got one.

I’m usually good with technology. And I love all the gadgets. This did
not disappoint, at least so far.

Still trying it out. …if any suggestions feel free to comment.

Ps how was your day?