Taking Back My Life


I quit drinking,
I’ve been sober for about two hours,
Your picture still sits on my home screen,
But im a change it now,
I’m a change it to Charlie Brown,


Because I can.

At least for now
I still have control over that,

P.S. How was your day?


Text from my ex…should I reply?


I got a text from my ex,
I’m wondering if I should call,
Last time that we talked,
She concluded i’m an asshole,

She’s the one that walked out,
Left me alone with my pain,
I got Beer on my breath,
Yet your memory on my brain,

I’m about to hit delete,
But I stop short of it,
My phone vibrates,
And I accidentally answer it,

A awkward silence,
Then I hear u call my name,
I hang up the phone,
And hope u call again,

Should I answer? Hmmmm

P.s. How was your day?