Honesty! Fucken honesty!

You: Why don’t you look at me like you look at others?

Me: I do. Your just too busy on your instagram posting pics and talking to strange men to notice.

You: Your stupid. Don’t change the subject. What is it you like. Why aren’t you attracted to me anymore.

Me: I am. I’m still attracted. Are you ok? Why are you mad at me for?

You: Tell me what do you find sexy? I really want to know.

Me: Just drop it please.

You: No, now you’re gonna tell me.

Me: Honesty! Fucken honesty!

P.s. How was your day?

Today was a rough one


Today I dreamt,
Haven’t done that in years,
It was so realistic,
It brought me to tears,
I saw your smile,
And you was truly happy,
You was there for me,
Cuz you really loved me,
But then I awoke,
Alone in a empty room,
No one with me,
Just the vodka I consumed,
You had really left,
And took my happiness with u,
One day, someday,
Just know I still miss u,

P.s. How was your day?

A better ME


I love that you love,
Loitering with me,
How you laugh at my jokes,
Even tho they aint funny,
I love the way you validate,
That I’m valuable,
Asking me for my help,
Even tho your capable,
I love your smile,
When you ask me a question,
The way your eyes light up,
When my name is mention,
I love that you know,
You’re better than I am,
Yet still took a chance,
And made me a better man,

P.s. How was your day?