Today’s Mistakes


I can see the broken you,
I know the pain that you carry,
The pain in ur eyes,
Tells me the whole story,

The guilt that you have,
And all your insecurity,
The tears that you hide,
When you take it out on me,

Your are very beautiful,
But you don’t know it,
You hate yourself,
And the mascara shows it,

The tone of your voice,
Tells me your afraid,
You gotta stop looking at the past
And live for today….

Ps How was your day?


Looks or Brains?


So the other day I met a young lady. Attractive yes, brains….well we can discuss this later.

She’s not dumb by any means, just not typical of what I normally am attracted to.

We talked for a bit, I pretended to be dumber that I am. And no I am in no means a genius. This went well. She really got into me.

I gotta admit it was fun.

At the end of the day, I’m wondering….should I pursue or stop before we go further?


How was your day?



What exactly is infidelity?

Now a day’s it seems to me that people aren’t interested in a monogamous relationship. Ok, yes you get those that say “I love my bf or gf etc” but then go ahead and end up sleeping with someone else the first time they get in a fight with their significant other.

Now, I’m not here today to discuss weather infidelity is right or wrong or even why we as people do it…..

I want to see what you think infidelity is. One of my friends says sexting is ok, my other friend says only sex with another person would be considered…..

What is infidelity in today’s society? What is ok? Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts. …

Ps how was your day?

Grilled cheese


So the other day, a friend and I stopped by a local restaurant for a quick bite. Our first time there so we were looking at the menu.
In typical fashion I was looking around the room to see if anything looked appetizing. Just then a very attractive young lady come to us to take our order.
I asked what was good, what do you recommend, etc, etc.
Just then my friend asks her…..”what’s in the grilled cheese” and without missing a beat the gal answered “cheese”…….

Wtf lol. Common sense is not so common.

How was your day?