Don’t nobody owe u shit


Today I was approached by a homeless guy saying he was a vet and was looking for something to eat… problem. ….or so I thought.

I told him I was tapped out and really I was. But I went into the car and found .50 in change. Now I get it that’s nothing but that’s really all I had. I gave it to him and he said no that’s a insult and gave it back.

I told him that’s all I had. It was not my car and he told me to fuck off. (I was driving my buddy car not mine).

I said that’s fine and got in my car. He proceeded to tell me I was fucked up and karma would get me.  I told him again I get his situation. I’ve been homeless and a drug addict before. I’ve seen the worst. I got it.

(Now the old me would of got off and beaten the shit of him, buy I’m trying to be a new me. )

I wished him the best of luck and drove off a he cursed me out.

Oh well.

P.s. How was your day?


Conversation with my cigarette


Before I die I need to know,
Would she miss me if I go,
Or would she even notice,
I’m gone at all,

She found someone already,
That’s why cheated on me,
Was it really just a mistake,
Was she really sorry,

I’m a broken man,
Dont know who I am,
She said I was always running,
But this time she ran,

I can’t sleep for shit,
Don’t trust her one bit,
Will I find myself,
I need another cigarette,

P.s. How was your day?

Can I help you pump gas?


The other day I was at a gas station, pumping gas and checking my cars fluids.

(Now my disclaimer:  I’m a car guy. I’ve been working on cars since I was a kid. When I hear “get me a case” I think 10/40 oil and not beer lol.)

When I heared a small little voice, “excuse me sir, can u help me. I’m trying to pump gas and don’t know how”

I said “sure you just pull your gas lever on your dash, open your gas door and then pump”

She looked at me and asked ” where is the lever”…huh?…oh shit! She was serious.

At first I admit I was surprised. How do you not know how to pump gas…wtf?

But she looked lost, like a puppy almost.

But she reminded me of my own daughter when she’s trying to learn something new and doesn’t want to feel retarded.

I said to myself, I can pump her gas or teach her….teach her.

So I showed her how. And I refrained from any comments that would make her feel stupid. I told myself, what if she didn’t have anyone to show her. We all have to start somewhere.

When I got home I told my daughter put some shoes on and we are going to learn how to change the car oil. She thinks I’m crazy. Lol.

P.s. How was your day?