I’m Not Your Ex

I’m not your ex
So why u tripping
Is it the pms
Or Is it the beer your drinkin
You always compare me
And I don’t think it’s fair
I’m here trying
Your ex is not here

How was your day?



Square Pies

Chalk one up in the win column.

Today I was working on math homework with my daughter, not her favorite subject by any means.

But I was finally able to get her to understand how to calculate the area of a circle.

I started off by explaining how when I was a kid, grandma would make square pies. So that’s why I always thought pies were supposed to be squared, not circles.

She asked “but why did grandma do that”

I told her I don’t know why. Grandma always said pie r squared (A = πr2)

She got it. Then whizzed thru her homework. Lol.

How was your day?


Out of my mind


I don’t know what we did
We both acted like kids
Two fucken grown ups
Fighting over stupid shit
We were on separate paths I guess
I tried not to make u mad but what a mess
But when u told me u hate me
I knew someone else u had
I felt betrayed alone n afraid
Even worse I had just been played
I told u to do u
n I’d do me
So u did n again
I found myself lonely
Was pain my vice
Cuz I that’s what I’ve had
all of my life
I’m outta my mind

How was your day?

Happy Pi Day. What is love?

Happy Pi day everyone.

Today’s subject…..love.  What is love? I mean really. Do people over use the word, or are we as people really in love that often. Also why is it that we change our idea of what love is.

In high school, love was walking to school with your significant other. In college, love was sharing a slice of pizza over finals week. In life…Idk.

People spend more time on Facebook friendship than on your own personal relationship. Wtf. Lol

We take those close to us for granted and complete strangers get our undivided attention.

How was your day?



Today I ate a hot dog n soda from Costco. Best fucken food, but worst fucken gas. Lol.

How was your day?