What happened to customer service?


Wtf happened to customer service?

Ok here is my story, it’s about a cinnamon roll. Lol.

I went to ikea the other day. Did my shopping and was tempted by the awesome aroma of their cinnamon rolls upon check out.

This was my conversation:

( Rolls = $1.00 or
6 Rolls = $4.00 )

Me: let me get a 6 pack of rolls to go please.

Cashier: let me check if we have any in back.

A few seconds later

Cashier: sorry we are out

Me: (pointing to the ones in front display. ) Can u just put 6 of those in a box?

Cashier: sorry we can’t

Me: are they different?

Cashier:  no it’s the same roll only these are heated. The ones in back are cold.

Me: (pointing to the tray that was about to go into oven) Can u just put 6 of those in a bag?

Cashier:  sorry we can’t

Me: ok thanks (walking away)

Wtf lol. I don’t get why this guy would rather lose out on a purchase than use some common sense.

P.s. How was your day?


Wtf? Lol! You don’t get it


I lost my phone charger this morning…I needed a new one..I was in a pinch…here’s where the funny part comes in…

I went into a store and asked the girl for a phone charger…she handed me one for $24.99. Wtf for a charger?  (I’m not cheap by any means but that was crazy lol)

So I asked the girl if she had any pre paid phones on sell…cheap. She handed me a old flip phone. I asked how much? $8.99. Great I’ll take it.

She looked disturbed. Lol. I guess she didn’t get it….I just need the charger not the phone.

Lol, some people.

P.s. How was your day?



Ok so a friend of mine sent this to me today.

I thought it was one of the funniest things I’ve seen today so far. So I figured I’d share. Enjoy lol.

P.s. How was your day?

Liar Liar…


Have you ever meet someone that was a compulsive liar?

Well, I have. Lol. My ex.

Today she asked me for help on her pc. (We are good. Talking terms, etc. )

Side note: I’m a bit of a computer nerd.

Normally I would of refused, but she was in a bind.  So I agreed. I went over. I was diagnosing and repairing. ….done.

She asked what caused the issue. So I told her….

Wait for it……

She told me she never download anything,  been to that site, etc.

I think she believed herself, lol.

I let her know that I knew. The computer does not lie.  And that I believed her anyways.

Then left…..

I guess that’s why she’s my ex, lol.

P.s. How was your day?



Chromecast. …

I finally broke down and got one.

I’m usually good with technology. And I love all the gadgets. This did
not disappoint, at least so far.

Still trying it out. …if any suggestions feel free to comment.

Ps how was your day?