I needed this today…

This morning was rough. One of those days. And I figured the rest of the day would remain shitty as well. Then I saw  this quote. 

Yes I needed this today. 

P.s How was your day?


Test Score

Ive changed,

Or at least I’m trying too,

I’m shooting for a better me,

Second take – part 2,

But i get tested daily,

And I’m no punk,

I realized i fucked up today,

Score 10 – today I flunked,

But tomorrow is new,

So i can redo me,

Dont need a 100,

All i hope for is to score 73.

P.s. How was your day?

Don’t nobody owe u shit


Today I was approached by a homeless guy saying he was a vet and was looking for something to eat…..no problem. ….or so I thought.

I told him I was tapped out and really I was. But I went into the car and found .50 in change. Now I get it that’s nothing but that’s really all I had. I gave it to him and he said no that’s a insult and gave it back.

I told him that’s all I had. It was not my car and he told me to fuck off. (I was driving my buddy car not mine).

I said that’s fine and got in my car. He proceeded to tell me I was fucked up and karma would get me.  I told him again I get his situation. I’ve been homeless and a drug addict before. I’ve seen the worst. I got it.

(Now the old me would of got off and beaten the shit of him, buy I’m trying to be a new me. )

I wished him the best of luck and drove off a he cursed me out.

Oh well.

P.s. How was your day?

It’s 2016


It’s a new year,
  And I’m trying to move on,
I awoke with your memory,
  And I’m trying to hold on
Too much sake n smokes,
  Now the old is gone,
I smell of cigarettes,
  As I recollect 3,2,1
I got your text at midnight,
  And I’m glad that I did
I’m glad u remembered me,
  No matter who your with,
I awoke with a stranger,
  Wishing you were here,
I got a new year ahead,
  Welcome new year.

P.s. How was your day?

Let me hear you smile


Last night I found myself
  Arguing with a bottle of whisky,
I put up a great fight,
  However it got the best of me,
It kicked my fucken ass
  With no remorse given,
Just another drunk fool
  One reason for livin,
Today I get another day,
  Yes another stab at it,
I can’t throw the towel in,
  Cuz your really worth it,
It’s been 3 months
  And I haven’t seen you in a while,
But I sit here bruised and waiting,
  Till I get to hear your smile

P.s. How was your day?