Doesn’t it come with cheese?


Ok I’m just venting, lol. All I wanted was a cheeseburger.

Yesterday I went into a burger joint and ordered my western bacon cheeseburger.  I thought to myself,  pretty simple order…..obviously not. Lol.

The cashier asked me “you want cheese on it?” My reply: ” doesn’t come with cheese” as I pointed to the picture.  He answers ” yes, But I still have to ask.” That’s fair, so I gave him a pass.

When they brought my order…guess what was missing…yes my correct burger. They gave me some other type of assembly, missing the western bacon cheeseburger part….

WTF lol.

P.s. How was your day?

Today was a rough one


Today I dreamt,
Haven’t done that in years,
It was so realistic,
It brought me to tears,
I saw your smile,
And you was truly happy,
You was there for me,
Cuz you really loved me,
But then I awoke,
Alone in a empty room,
No one with me,
Just the vodka I consumed,
You had really left,
And took my happiness with u,
One day, someday,
Just know I still miss u,

P.s. How was your day?

Don’t nobody owe u shit


Today I was approached by a homeless guy saying he was a vet and was looking for something to eat… problem. ….or so I thought.

I told him I was tapped out and really I was. But I went into the car and found .50 in change. Now I get it that’s nothing but that’s really all I had. I gave it to him and he said no that’s a insult and gave it back.

I told him that’s all I had. It was not my car and he told me to fuck off. (I was driving my buddy car not mine).

I said that’s fine and got in my car. He proceeded to tell me I was fucked up and karma would get me.  I told him again I get his situation. I’ve been homeless and a drug addict before. I’ve seen the worst. I got it.

(Now the old me would of got off and beaten the shit of him, buy I’m trying to be a new me. )

I wished him the best of luck and drove off a he cursed me out.

Oh well.

P.s. How was your day?

Can I help you pump gas?


The other day I was at a gas station, pumping gas and checking my cars fluids.

(Now my disclaimer:  I’m a car guy. I’ve been working on cars since I was a kid. When I hear “get me a case” I think 10/40 oil and not beer lol.)

When I heared a small little voice, “excuse me sir, can u help me. I’m trying to pump gas and don’t know how”

I said “sure you just pull your gas lever on your dash, open your gas door and then pump”

She looked at me and asked ” where is the lever”…huh?…oh shit! She was serious.

At first I admit I was surprised. How do you not know how to pump gas…wtf?

But she looked lost, like a puppy almost.

But she reminded me of my own daughter when she’s trying to learn something new and doesn’t want to feel retarded.

I said to myself, I can pump her gas or teach her….teach her.

So I showed her how. And I refrained from any comments that would make her feel stupid. I told myself, what if she didn’t have anyone to show her. We all have to start somewhere.

When I got home I told my daughter put some shoes on and we are going to learn how to change the car oil. She thinks I’m crazy. Lol.

P.s. How was your day?

It’s 2016


It’s a new year,
  And I’m trying to move on,
I awoke with your memory,
  And I’m trying to hold on
Too much sake n smokes,
  Now the old is gone,
I smell of cigarettes,
  As I recollect 3,2,1
I got your text at midnight,
  And I’m glad that I did
I’m glad u remembered me,
  No matter who your with,
I awoke with a stranger,
  Wishing you were here,
I got a new year ahead,
  Welcome new year.

P.s. How was your day?