How about a fucken thank u


Fuck. Shit. Wtf. Just venting.

The other day my ex’s car broke down and she asked me to help her out. I told her sure y not. I told her I would do it on the weekend, but she got upset and told me to fucken go to hell. She will call her friend better.

Brings us to today.

I get the call again…Can u fix it

So I told her sure, and I went down to fix it.

I fix it and take it for a road test. Stopped got  lunch and took a drive…..I love nice drives.

I get back and hand over keys. She gets in and starts yelling at me for wasting her gas.

I start walking away. Now I remember why she’s a ex. Ungrateful.

A simple thank u would of been good. Some people.

P.s. how was your day?




I fucked up?
That’s what u said,
Why don’t u say it so I can hear u,
Go ahead!
Why do u always threatened me,
So u get what u want,
What the fuck you doing with me?
If he’s the one u want,
I better otherwise you’ll call him
Well fuck u,
Go ahead
I’m tired –  fuck him
I’m not yours to play with
Fuck u
And especially,
Fuck your Threats

P.s. How was your day?