New File Folder

I was thumbing thru

The pages of my memory,

Looking for a picture

Back when i was happy,

I got thru some 30 pages 

When i finally,

Gave up looking

And made a new directory.

P.s. How was your day?


Go fuck yourself…

Fuck me – no,

Go fuck yourself,

Im not your atm,
You’re not sure,

Why you stayed with me,

Well go fuck him then,

You was the first

To be unfaithful,
And now ,

Youre having regrets,

Guess what – me too,
You know,

Where the door is,

Help yourself…
Im tired 

Of your lies,

Go fuck yourself….

P.s. How was your day

Too old for this…

Fuck, I’m too old for this,       

I Can’t believe that we kissed,

How did I get into this mess?

Am I drunk or am I just stupid, 

I got a wife at home,

Who’s been on her phone,

Texting another man,

And its got me feeling alone,

So I’m here with you,

Could this be true?

Did this just happened?

Did we do what we do?

Is this the end or is it a start?

I can’t hear my heart,

I’m looking for a band aid,

While I’m falling apart,

P.s. How was your day?

Today was a rough one


Today I dreamt,
Haven’t done that in years,
It was so realistic,
It brought me to tears,
I saw your smile,
And you was truly happy,
You was there for me,
Cuz you really loved me,
But then I awoke,
Alone in a empty room,
No one with me,
Just the vodka I consumed,
You had really left,
And took my happiness with u,
One day, someday,
Just know I still miss u,

P.s. How was your day?

A better ME


I love that you love,
Loitering with me,
How you laugh at my jokes,
Even tho they aint funny,
I love the way you validate,
That I’m valuable,
Asking me for my help,
Even tho your capable,
I love your smile,
When you ask me a question,
The way your eyes light up,
When my name is mention,
I love that you know,
You’re better than I am,
Yet still took a chance,
And made me a better man,

P.s. How was your day?