Have u seen my heart?

I got my heart hurt once….

But then again,

I only gave it away once.

P.s. How was your day?


First date food?

I was talking with a friend of mine last week and she was telling me her date took her to a chili’s restaurant on their first date. She was telling me she was disappointed because she had gotten all dressed up. I let her know if chili’s is not for her thats ok. Being honest with self is a trait worth having.

But that left me thinking. What’s a good place to go on a first date?

Leave your favorite places in the comments.

P.s. How was your day?

The shit you do…

Today you told me you felt lonely,

And you said I was the cause,

I was gonna say something back,

But I caught myself and paused,

You continued to blame me,

For all they stuff u don’t have,

I lit a cigarette and listened,

As you continued getting mad,

Your phone rang and as you answered,

I finally saw you smile,

You told me you’d be back,

In just a little while,

You left me alone and thinking,

When I realized what you do,

The reason you feel alone,

Because of the shit that you do.

P.s How was your day?

2 Drinks…

Why don’t you buy me a drink?

You said as you sat down next to me.

Ill buy you two if you got a conversation

But you have to be honest with me.

You smelled as good as you looked

I wished for a sec I was the younger me.

We both would of got you drunk 

And gone back home with me.

So are you single or just mad at your guy?

Remember our deal this ones on me.

Im single you said as you took the drink

Got up & walked away while lying to me.