I met her at good will…


It’s 2 am,
and I walk into a empty house,
I kick off my shoes,
Light a cigarette,
And wonder about,
You, me, what happened?
No one to blame,
But trust.

P.s. How was your day?


Who was that?


I use to wonder,
Who u texted while I was with u,
At the dinner table,
Or even while going to bed too,
But now that I know,
And I decided to do it too,
I understand why,
You worried whom I’m texting too.

P.s. How was your day?

Tagger go home lol


Today was one of my on the fence moments, lol.

I was out and about when during my drive a saw a young kid tagging.

Now I grew up around this art form and I do appreciate a good piece.

However the kid could not have been older than 10 years lol.

My on the fence moment was when part of me was thinking “awesome piece” but my parent side if me was thinking “hey little fucker pull your pants up and get your ass home”


P.s How was your day?