Karma? Not sure but it does fit the description.


Ok so first of all my disclaimer.
I’m not sure if I believe in karma persay, but I do believe in this life the universe will always make us realize what good n bad we’ve done. So here you go….

A friend of mine just realized this weekend how bad a hemorrhoid can really hurt. Lol. She called me over for help. It was huge. I tried not to laugh. Valentine’s weekend and she couldn’t  move because of this hemorrhoid.

I helped her do the seltz bath, the creams, etc.

During the whole time the only thing going thru my head was the stories of her and her cheating ways. The times she went out with her boyfriend while her husband stayed home. The lies I would hear come out of her mouth. All the stuff that she had done….all the taking she had done.

But I kept quite. I was just there to help. Not to remind her of “karma”.

It was horrible. … the hemorrhoid was huge…lol.

P.s. How was your day?


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