Liar Liar…


Have you ever meet someone that was a compulsive liar?

Well, I have. Lol. My ex.

Today she asked me for help on her pc. (We are good. Talking terms, etc. )

Side note: I’m a bit of a computer nerd.

Normally I would of refused, but she was in a bind.  So I agreed. I went over. I was diagnosing and repairing. ….done.

She asked what caused the issue. So I told her….

Wait for it……

She told me she never download anything,  been to that site, etc.

I think she believed herself, lol.

I let her know that I knew. The computer does not lie.  And that I believed her anyways.

Then left…..

I guess that’s why she’s my ex, lol.

P.s. How was your day?


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